Biologically-based crop protection

A new class of safe and sustainable pest control products.

Crop Enhancement’s mission is to create innovative, safer, and more sustainable pest control solutions for growers.

CropCoat® advantages

Designed to be compatible with the crop protection strategies that growers already use, CropCoat gives farmers flexibility to adjust their spray programs in response to the issues they see in the field.


By applying a microlayer of CropCoat to plants, farmers can deter insects and prevent fungus growth


Compliant with rigorous sustainability programs


Preserves the environment for future growing seasons

How CropCoat® works

CropCoat is unique among pest control approaches — it acts on the pests’ environment, not the pests.

CropCoat® camouflages plants from insects


Water droplets containing CropCoat land on the plant, smothering any pests that are present

1-2 h after application

As the water evaporates, CropCoat binds to the plant surface, camouflaging the plant from harmful insects

12-24 h after application

CropCoat hardens to a solid dry film, making the plant surface uninhabitable. Malnutrition leads to pest starvation, reproductive failure, and population collapse.

Biodegradable coating

When applied, CropCoat forms a durable, biodegradable coating on the plant surfaces, camouflaging the plant from damaging pests.

Field studies show that a single application provides up to six weeks of residual control.

Complements biological controls

Because CropCoat only interferes with pest-plant contact, it has little effect on beneficials.

CropCoat can be used in combination with other biocontrol strategies to limit damaging pest populations, while preserving the insects that act as a food source for the beneficial population.

Easy application process

CropCoat can be applied with existing machinery, saving growers time, money, and resources.

An extensible platform

CropCoat can be used to address a range of other issues, such as post-harvest loss of crop quality, micronutrient deficiencies, and abiotic stresses due to drought, heat, or high light levels.

Rotational option

Frequent application of synthetic pesticides can lead to resistance issues.

CropCoat provides growers with a new rotational option, so they can reserve conventional products for when they really need it.

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