Crop Enhancement Presents at the AGRI Tech Venture Forum

Crop Enhancement Presents at the AGRI Tech Venture Forum
by Kevin Chen

Crop Enhancement was selected to present as a showcase company at the recent AGRI Tech Venture Forum. Held each year in Toronto, this event is among the calendar highlights of any agtech company looking to connect with customers, partners, and investors.

The conference website nicely summarizes the need for this event: “New ventures and high-growth companies require more than just financial capital to succeed in the dynamic global market. Innovation, partnerships, ingenuity, and experience are just a few of the ingredients for an agtech success story.” That’s certainly been my experience.

Crop Enhancement was selected from among many companies that submitted an application, making it to the final 11 that presented to an audience of 125 investors and industry experts. We were the only company selected to represent the sustainable crop protection segment. Other companies presented technologies from manure treatment to crop threat analysis to pesticide use analysis and even precision beekeeping technology. There is seemingly no end to the innovation and ingenuity that is driving the agtech sector.

At the event, we were able to highlight the progress we’ve made on many fronts over the last 18 months. For example, compared to last year when I presented at similar conferences, Crop Enhancement is now significantly closer to commercialization. This year, we’re in a position to report on our field trials with cacao which are proving that our CropCoat® product boosts yields by double digits while permitting reduced or no toxic pesticide use at all. At the same time, we’ve made great progress in terms of product registrations in our target markets and we’re investing in our commercial infrastructure.

It being a primarily North American audience, investors I spoke with at the forum were very interested in our efforts in domestic markets. To that end, we’re working with growers and partners focused on high-value specialty crops such as fruit,

berries, and even coffee. These were just some of the many insightful questions we fielded from an audience of ag-focused investors and experts who attended.

If you’re an agtech company looking to engage with investors and potential partners, I highly recommend this forum. Thank you to Aryn Guthrie and the AGRI Tech Venture Forum organizers for the invitation to present.