Originally presented on The Farm City Newsday by AgeNet West

Get the latest agriculture news in today’s Farm City Newsday, hosted by Danielle Leal. This podcast episode is filled with stories covering reactions to the reintroduction of the Farm Workforce Modernization Act, the FDA proposed traceability rule, and what Glenda Humiston of UCANR has to say about the restoration of UC’s budget. Tune in to the show for these news stories, recipes, features, and more.

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Originally presented on The Modern Acre by FarmTogether

Damien Hajduk, Ph.D., is the CTO and COO of Crop Enhancement, a San Jose-based startup that works at the intersection of materials science and biology to bring new and effective solutions to agriculture that help growers protect their crops and the environment, while meeting the global need for sustainably produced foods.

In this podcast, Damien joins us to talk about his impressive background that ultimately led him to Crop Enhancement. We discuss the origin story and how they have approached going to market with their sustainable crop solutions. Tune in to learn more!

Tune in to the podcast on The Modern Acre.