Nandang M. Holil

Indonesia Country Director

Nandang Holil, who spearheads Crop Enhancement’s go-to-market strategy and partnerships in Indonesia, brings 35 years’ experience in the agrochemical industry in the ASEAN region, particularly in Indonesia. Mr. Holil recently completed a 17-year career at DuPont, culminating in his dual roles as business manager of DuPont Crop Protection Indonesia and director of PT. DuPont Agricultural Products Indonesia.  During this time, he simultaneously led CropLife Indonesia as its chairman for nine years, driving general industry and governmental efforts related to crop protection initiatives. Prior to DuPont, Mr. Holil held marketing, product development, regulatory, and agronomic roles in Indonesia at Rohm & Haas, ICI/Zeneca, and Uniroyal. He is an active member of the Indonesian Entomology Society.  Mr Holil holds a BSc in Plant Pest and Diseases from Bogor Agriculture University and an MBA/MM from the School of Management PPM, Jakarta.

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Indonesia Country Director

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