Jerry Hjelle, Ph.D.

Industry Advisor

Dr. Jerry Hjelle is President of Hjelle Advisors LLC.  He operates a network of experienced consultants to enable a global perspective on research, development and regulatory affairs.  Hjelle Advisors LLC, is a Regulatory Science, Regulatory Affairs and Research and Development consulting network with services/strategies for start-up and early-phase companies.  Areas of specialization include agriculture, food and drugs, toxicology, biotechnology, protein characterization, global regulations, and freedom-to-operate strategies.  Previously, Dr. Hjelle worked at Monsanto from 1986 to 2015 in various Director or Vice President positions in their Nutrition and Consumer Products and Agricultural Products Companies. In these roles, he was involved with many key products including aspartame, neotame, glyposhate, and several agricultural and veterinary drug biotechnology products. In the Agriculture Company (1997-2011) he led a group of over 550 people that were responsible for the global development of health and safety research on new agricultural chemical and biotechnology products, regulatory approvals, product safety defense, and management of numerous key scientific and regulatory freedom‐to‐operate issues. He has worked closely with scientists, regulators and policy makers globally within government, industry and academia to promote science-based approaches to development and regulations.  Prior to joining Monsanto he was Assistant Professor at the University of Wisconsin‐Madison School of Veterinary Medicine and Environmental Toxicology Center. Dr. Hjelle received his PhD in Pharmacology from the University of Colorado and completed Post-Doctoral training at the University of Kansas Medical Center. He is a Diplomat of the American Board of Toxicology and has published many scientific articles on toxicology and food and agriculture product safety assessment. He is a former President of the International Life Sciences Institute, a global scientific organization focused on promoting improvements in food safety, risk assessment methods, and global nutrition security through Agricultural sustainability.  He is currently Vice Chairman of the Board of the ILSI Research Foundation.

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